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As a Ph.D. scientist with a background in physics and math, I’ve always tried to observe my surroundings in order to better understanding the world we live in.  Equally important to me is being able to fully explore the imaginative limits of the human mind.  My work is an attempt to merge these boundaries in a way that hopefully entertains you but also makes you stop and think...what if?  To me, storytelling has the power to influence people and the decisions they ultimately make.  I love engaging with the projects I work on, diving headfirst into the research, and developing intriguing ideas for further exploration.  I am a curious and proactive author, interested in preserving the foundation established by those who came before us while creating a vision of a future that may lie ahead.  Here, you will find releases from my recently completed science fiction Trilogy, SEKTOR V, which I invite you to explore and enjoy below...


“If knowledge can create problems, it is not through ignorance that we can solve them.”

 Isaac Asimov



Meet Stanley Dial, an average shmoe, who also happens to be the world's best and most unlikely time traveler in the year 2044. Saddled deep in debt, and sweating the details of an all-or-nothing bet that could seal his family’s fate, Stanley finds himself caught up in an epic battle between two secretive organizations striving to control Earth's future.


On one side, the government-run Ministry aggressively employs its “Big Brother” Sweeper program to routinely scan the near future for society-altering anomalies. Armed with this information, agents return to the present and discretely neutralize any undesirable outcomes that would adversely disrupt the status quo.


Meanwhile, the much smaller and resource-challenged Underground use their own time travel technology and advanced scientific simulators to thwart Ministry efforts to manipulate the natural order of societal free will.


Amid the chaos, Stanley becomes a pawn in their deadly game of cat and mouse.  Will his hidden skill be enough to save Mankind from a decidedly dark and desperate future?



In the epic culmination of the SEKTOR V Saga, the final vestiges of Humanity are scattered across the far reaches of the galaxy.  After the apocalyptic loss of their homeworld a century earlier, Maddy, Gus, and Næsta Kynslóð scientists emerge from their Black Hole-orbiting cocoon.  Joining forces with ET allies, Colonial settlers, and a teenage prodigy, they race to save Humanity from the crushing galactic grip of the Zeta Alpha Draconian Coalition.

With the odds stacked heavily against them and time running out, the Terran Alliance must coalesce in a last-ditch effort to end Zeta oppression and free the Humans and Hybrids enslaved on Earth.


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